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About the proposed new community.

Reaction was rather mixed on the idea - some liked it, some didn't - and the point was brought up about MBP with people overlapping. Since I have no solution for this, I'd call the idea dead for right now. Although, by all means, if someone DOES have a proposed idea, let's hear it.

I still like the idea of a new community, similar to how the wrestlers did it. Unfortunately (or fortunately, as it goes) we're such a small group (the fake!hockey players, I mean) that the new community can't really move forward without any of you - nor would I really want it to. You're all valuable parts of our RP. And, as it stands, there are enough dissenters to kill the idea, for now.

Like I said, it was just an idea, bouncing it off the wall...don't get riled :-D

Thanks for all the feedback!
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