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the first person who was playing Pavel just posted under Eric's journal. *boggle* Weirdness, but they still havent posted anything in the journal.
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Dude... I noticed that the old Pavel posted under Sergei's name too, but when I went to click on their name, it said journal deleted. Now I'm all confused...
*thinks* odd huh? *boggle*
Yeah it is odd, hmm
*giggles* mind you Pavelx2 is a pretty nice idea :D
*giggles* very true, very true. Although, I'm betting that they saw the other Pavel Bure and deleted. *shrugs*
Posted in Boyd's journal, too.
Curious *nods*
Odd.. I should check Stevie and Cheli's journals...
He posted in Kirk's journal too. I sat there for a good 10 minutes trying to figure out what was going on. I suppose I should check the rest of my people too....
yeah see thsi pavel was pavel first but didnt do anything with the journal and then they made the second pavel so who knows lol